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Posted by member Terry Asquith on Saturday 13 April 2019

I think the current suspect has been proved guilty. The joint was taped over a week ago and despite rain since then the boat has remained dry. All we have to do now is get the tape off cleanly, clean out the old filler and refill. From previous experience such things take forever.

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Posted by member Terry Asquith on Thursday 4 April 2019

Like many others on these boards we have a mystery leak, this one in the cabin of our recently acquired Seawings 234. Water is dropping from the lining above one side of the sink unit and making its way down in various directions. It wasn't visible on our pre-purchase visits and seems to have started after the boat was transported by road in a rainstorm and was consequently drowned without its canopy. The leak now re-appears when it rains.
It looks to be following a cable which runs behind the lining down past the sink. After a close check on deck fittings the (current) chief suspect is the joint between the cabin moulding and the cockpit moulding. There appear to be some gaps in the sealant which might allow water to get in and find its way down past fixings or through cable holes, perhaps the old sealant was shaken out on the M4.
Has anyone else had a problems with this joint?

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