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Posted by member David Evans on Monday 18 March 2019

There are some advantages to removing the rope fender. Nothing for fish hooks to get caught in, yes, we actually use Alice for fishing. No moss growing under the scuppers, engine performance increased by 200 rpm due to the loss of weight. I am now fairly competent at filling and fairing holes in grp. 83 in all. 30 on the outside of the cockpit coaming from the redundant tent hooks. 5 under the redundant stern light, the rest were the rope fender fixings. Some of the money saved went on new squabs and backs for the helm and passenger seats. All very satisfying !!

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Posted by member Colin & Angela on Saturday 16 March 2019

For me, the fender is an intrinsic feature of the Hardy boats along with the wheelhouse design, they sort of shout out "Hey! - here I am, a Hardy and I'm proud!"

If I bought a Hardy without a rope fender, I would have to replace it - I know they are expensive, but, in my considered opinion, it would be a little like owning a Rolls Royce that didn't have the 'Spirit of Ecstasy' bonnet mascot!
Sorry, just my view for what it's worth - lovely looking boat btw! (just needs a rope fender)

Colin & Angela

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Posted by member David Evans on Tuesday 12 March 2019

* Alice came ashore for the winter. The main job was to renew the rope fender. Having removed the old fender the collective wisdom of the rest of the " experts " in the yard was that Alice looked better without it.

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