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Posted by member Roman Soroko on Monday 14 January 2019

Hi Simon
Thanks a lot for Your advice!

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Posted by member Simon Papendick on Sunday 13 January 2019

Hi Roman,

you could contact Hardy Marine and see if they still have the mould tool to be able to mould a new hard top for your 537. The only problem I can see is that you will have to make up a pair of wedges to being the back edge up to the same height as the navigator wheelhouse sides which are a different moulding to the 537. If the wedges are made the Navigator roof will fit the 537 Wheelhouse sides.

Yours Sincerely
Simon Papendick
Former Hardy Marine Employee 1983 to 1990
Owner of J-Star Marine Services

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Posted by member Roman Soroko on Saturday 12 January 2019

Im looking for the hard top of the wheelhouse for my Hardy 537. Could be also mould or drawing with dimensions.

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