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Posted by member Peter Cox on Monday 3 December 2018

Have you tried the Electric Boat Association?

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Posted by member John on Saturday 1 December 2018

Hi Phillip.

An interesting idea. However to maintain 15/16 knots would require enormous battery power! (and battery weight). Displacement speeds of 3/5 knots may be more practical and I think such systems are already in use on canal/river boats. A couple of links http://www.hybrid-marine.co.uk/12.html and http://www.hybrid-marine.co.uk/resources/Broad+beam+rev8.pdf may give the idea. But even then these are hybrid battery/generator/engine systems to maintain the cruising range and in barge type vessels with lots of room for the batteries!

But let us know how you get on - big saving in diesel in sight - even the new Isle of Wight ferry is a hybrid!

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Posted by member Hardy Editor on Friday 30 November 2018

Ahoy again Philip,

I've found the information and I will email it to you in a moment. Data protection and all that....
I spoke to this chap in 2008 as I was interested in the idea myself at the time.

All the best,

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Posted by member Hardy Editor on Friday 30 November 2018

Hi Phillip,
Well I don't know of a Hardy that has been converted to electric, but I do know of a chap who did this quite a while ago to a Freeman. I will try and find his photographs and email to me and get back to you.

All the best,

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Posted by member Rev Phillip G Hiscock on Friday 30 November 2018

Has anyone converted a Hardy 25 to electrical propulsion. Currently I have Mecruiser 4.3L with Alpha Gen1 stern drive. I would like to achieve a max of 15/16 knots. Does anyone know if it is feasible to 'go electric'? Is it possible to power the stern drive using an electric motor? Please forgive any naivety on my part. Thank you

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