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Posted by member Geoff Burrell on Friday 26 October 2018

Thanks Peter and Richard, off with wood, hammer, penatrating oil and enthusiasm!

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Posted by member Richard on Wednesday 24 October 2018

I would get a bit aggressive, as said some lube down the sides, then a block of wood and a hammer working around the tube approx halfway up will jar it free.
Use a large piece of soft wood so you dont damage the chrome tube.

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Posted by member Peter Cox on Wednesday 24 October 2018

Some possible things if your setup is the same as other Hardys:
1. Use penetrating oil, not WD40 (I assume you've tried this already)
2. Try one of those filter removing grips to apply a turning force to the leg while pulling the support out, preferably two grips set up in opposite directions
3. If you can get at the underneath of the deck fitting, try a hot air gun on it to expand the socket a bit
4. Can you unscrew the whole deck fitting from the deck? If so, upend the whole thing and give it a few upward taps with a hammer, using a wooden drift to protect the fitting.
5.. A bit off the wall, but use a car jack and a suitable length of wood between the jack and the underside of the table (don't split the table!)

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Posted by member Geoff Burrell on Monday 22 October 2018

Hi boaters, anyone had a problem removing the table support from the deck fitting in the cabin/cockpit?
we have a Bosun and I just can't get the tube to release any ideas?

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