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Posted by member Alan Barrett on Thursday 1 November 2018

This topic may have exhausted by now but I dealt with my cockpit sole and cabin sole problem by covering it with a rubber sheet of the sort which goes in vans. The big advantage is that it can be taken out and power washed from time to time. I bought it from ARK Rubber and Resin Solutions based in Broadclyst near Exeter. They were very helpful and very good value. I mentioned it in my article about 'Charlotte Jane' in the Spring 2018 Number 133 'Hardy Owner'
Regards Alan

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Posted by member Simon Papendick on Tuesday 16 October 2018

Hi Nick,

The cockpit sole is plywood covered in Fibreglass and then flow coated to seal the fibreglass matting as this is not water proof. The flowcoat is water proof and that is why it is done. You can not easily re-coat flow coat because of the wax solution that is put in it to seal the surface and make it hard wearing, However, if you sand the shine off the surface you can paint International deck paint over the sanded area of the cockpit sole and this is hard wearing and if you give it two or three coats will last about three or four years before you need to re-paint the cockpit sole.

Kind Regards
Simon Papendick
Former Hardy Marine employee 1983 to 1990

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Posted by member Nick Askham on Tuesday 16 October 2018

Apologies if this is covered elsewhere. Just removed bathroom type vinyl floor covering to reveal original floor. Can someone please confirm that this is marine ply with a fibreglass coating? I don't want to replace the vinyl so would like to know what's best to coat it with for a decent, hardwearing and preferably non slip surface. Is using Flowcoat the best idea or would an anti-slip marine paint be better?
Thanks, Nick.

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