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Posted by member Michael Williams on Friday 21 September 2018

We use GJW Direct and we have had one claim. Our engine bay flooded due to a faulty joint on the cooling system. GJW Direct wanted to see evidence that we had followed the recommended service schedule. We supplied a copy of the boatyard's last service invoice and after that they were superb. Immediate mitigation was authorised and there were no quibbles about repair and preventive work e.g. washing out engine bay, checking remainder of the cooling system etc.

By no means the cheapest I suspect but when we needed them quickly they delivered without fuss.

Julie & Mike Williams
Puffin of Rame (Hardy 25)

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Posted by member Peter Cox on Friday 14 September 2018

Bishop Skinner does an RYA discount.

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Posted by member Demelza on Thursday 13 September 2018


I use these people. So far so good but I haven't had a claim, which I guess is the important indicator. They took over Knox-Johnson's company.




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Posted by member Puffin I on Wednesday 12 September 2018

Thanks for the replies, so far. I forgot to say my boat is a navigator with a 50hp Mariner, 4 stroke, a 5hp Mercury, 4 stroke. it is moored on the non tidal Thames but used on their and all the way down the Thames Estuary and a little bit round the coast from there.

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Posted by member Richard on Wednesday 12 September 2018

Y Yacht insurance, be careful as many dont offer the same level of cover as Y Yacht

As I understand it, say you hit an object and rip the leg and transom apart, many companies will repair the leg and transom and none of the other associated damage, say for example flywheel housing and engine mounts etc
Same if you have a seacok fail many will recover the boat fix the seacock and er thats it! the rest is down to you.

Have a look on the YBW forum theres some good threads on there about how one YBW member got Y Yacht to change their terms and conditions to cover practially all eventualities as their cover like all ther others was pretty poor before.
They reply quickly to emails and are always helpful to any quesries I have had.

PS no I dont work for them!

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Posted by member Jim harwood on Tuesday 11 September 2018

* This is the company I have been using

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Posted by member Rob on Tuesday 11 September 2018

Hello all

Could anyone give me the names of any Insurance companies they recommend.


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