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Posted by member philip ashton on Sunday 17 February 2019

Oh and if your current prop works well with your boat and you engine is operating between the manufactures recommended max RPM range, don't change the size, exchange like for like or you could end up with engine rev issues (too high or low)

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Posted by member philip ashton on Sunday 17 February 2019

Hi Chris, i too need to replace my prop on my 50hp Suzuki DF. and would like to pass on some advice i was given, if i may.
But first, if you current prop is chewed and this was down to being far up a river and hitting river bed debris, getting to your mooring at low tide etc, than yes the stainless would take more abuse.
The advice i was given was,
consider the journeys you do. If you travel long distances to go fishing, defo the stainless.
But if its more pleasure / leisure your doing and the journeys are short and often, then the ally prop would be better. The stainless prop is so much heavier than the ally version. This will take its toll on the gearbox in time as there is no give or flex in stainless what so ever, and is therefore a very heavy dead weight for the gearbox to start turning from stationary to tick over at approx 1000 RPM. This will wear your gearbox at a much faster rate.
Hope this was helpful to you

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Posted by member David Freeman on Friday 1 February 2019

I found these guys very helpful, https://www.steeldevelopments.net/

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Posted by member chris corns on Sunday 26 August 2018

I have a Hardy Bosun built in 2000. It is fitted with a Mariner big-foot 50 hp. Its old aluminium prop is very chewed and I want to replace it with a stainless steel version. I would very much like some help on size, pitch and sourcing issues.
Any tips gratefully received.

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