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Posted by member will spurgeon on Tuesday 26 March 2019

* Thanks for all the help with this people. Pleased to report silence in the cockpit of Kairos. The Isotherm Cruise 49 Elegance (the dimensions of which I now know by heart!) was a perfect Ďfití even down to the brilliantly kitsch teak veneer on the door. I did make my own frame in the end as the factory one is too bulky. Very happy. Pour me another :-)

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Posted by member will spurgeon on Tuesday 26 June 2018

Thank you both for the leads - I need to get on it soon if Iím to get any sleep!

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Posted by member Peter Cox on Tuesday 26 June 2018

Places like https://www.jacksonsleisure.com/webasto/cruise/cr49/elegance/campervan/caravan/marine/fridge/ have details and some cheaper options.

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Posted by member sydney on Monday 25 June 2018

Morning all!,
I had a Mariner and now have a 32. Both had the same Engel fridge. The one on the 32 gave up the ghost a couple of years ago and I made enquires.

I eventually spoke to Tim Kift (Gillingham) about our fridge when it died. He offered to come and see if it could be repaired before even considering replacement. When it came out it was very rusty at the back and that fitted with the experience of a friend who had had to replace the same fridge on their Marina. The fridge Tim brought with him was the webasto isotherm cruise elegance fridge 12v CRC 49.

I was stunned that it fitted into the hole on the 32 with no alterations necessary and left less than a few mm of space down each side. I didn't see this as a problem as I thought it would help with ventilation. It had a bigger capacity than the one that came with the boat new and also had a small freezer which can be useful to reduce daily shopping/provide ice. The receipt says I paid 528.92 plus VAT

There of course are likely to have be updates and I think it is possible to get a dual feed one. Having said that we can run it on mains via the AUX button on the distribution board as there seems to be a ?relay? or something which I found via another saga..

It has been a good little fridge, much quieter than the Engel (though the fan runs very quietly all of the time) and the extra capacity due to the different profile at the rear of the fridge is appreciated. The new shape at the rear did necessitate re routing the waste from one of the sinks but this only needed a bit of extra pipe to go round a bend as opposed to straight to the outlet. I don't know if this would be a problem at the rear of the 25 space.

The measurements were
525 l
380 w
475 d

I see there are some waeco ones but really it all boiled down to the space so it will be up to you and your bank manager probably in the end!

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Posted by member Peter Cox on Sunday 24 June 2018

Our esteemed membership secretary, Sue Sydney, has recently done just that and the replacement fits into the original space but has more capacity inside. However, be prepared for major wallet damage! I'm sure she will be along soon to tell you more.

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Posted by member will spurgeon on Sunday 24 June 2018

* Hi everyone

I love my Hardy 25 and find sleeping in the cockpit just the best for a tall guy like me. My original Engel fridge, though charming and functioning just fine, has other ideas - it is very noisy and working hard at 30 years of age. Has anyone found a replacement that fits into the original cockpit seats without major surgery? Thanks... :-)

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