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Posted by member Richard Neale on Monday 17 December 2018

Hi Ian,
To the best of my knowledge there are two 20 Pilots in Milford Marina, mine Pipe Dream and Brian Lewis's Sandpiper. We both have outboards. Look forward to meeting you. woodyneale2015@outlook.com

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Posted by member Ian Lupson on Friday 27 July 2018

Hi Simon ( Papendick ).
Reference our above exchange back in June I'm getting close now to putting in an offer ( funnily enough not on a diesel Pilot, but rather an outboard Bosun ! ) which - if accepted - will bring my search to an end.
Time to drill down a bit, therefore, on the cost / feasibility of the add ons I was talking about.
You were kind enough to say I could give you a call or e-mail you.
Could you possibly let me have your contact details ?

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Posted by member Ian Lupson on Tuesday 12 June 2018

Hi Simon, and many thanks for this guidance.
Shore power is the most important item for me, so Iím glad to see it seems to be the easiest of the items !
I see a lot of diesel Pilots advertised as 59hp.
Presumably this is the Saildrive ?

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Posted by member Simon Kidd on Monday 4 June 2018

Hi Ian

Welcome to the HOC, great to have you aboard.

Some answers to your questions:

1. Shore Power - Yes - easy enough to do, make sure it covers the latest safety standards - perhaps use the Boat Safety Scheme as a guide. I had shore power with a built-in charger on my old Navigator 18 - so shouldn't offer a problem for a 20 pilot.

2.Water Heater / Calorifer. If you mean being heated by the engine - this will depend on the engine - if the TAMD22SX (105Hp) / TMD22SX (78hp) then yes, I think that would work - your challenge would be finding a location for the tank - but I'm sure space could be created in the cockpit or an aft locker. A shore power immersion heater could be easily fitted if you can fit the calorifier in. Note - a few early Pilot 20's had small Volvo Saildrive diesel engines - these may or may not work with a water heater depending on the power unit fitted - for such a small power unit it would really need to be heat exchanger cooled (i..e Volvo 2020/2030).

3). Heating: Yes - very possible to fit heating - Marie - the HOC magazine Editor has fitted a Webasto diesel system to her Pilot 20 - there was an article showing how to fit it - this should be in the archive on this site - or contact Marie for a copy. I fitted an Eberspacher to my old Navigator (If it fits on a Navigator, It'll fit on a Pilot!).

Good luck - hope this helps.

Best Regards

Simon Kidd
HOC Tech Sec

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Posted by member Ian Lupson on Sunday 3 June 2018

Thanks Simon - thatís good to hear ( particularly from somebody who actually built the boats ! ).
I am enjoying motoring up and down the country at the moment looking at possible purchases.
When I find one, and hopefully have an offer accepted, I shall come back to you if I may.

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Posted by member Simon Papendick on Saturday 2 June 2018

Hi Ian,
Welcome to the Hardy owners club. My name is Simon Papendick and I worked at Hardy Marine during the 1980's and you can most if not all the things you wish to do on your list with a bit of brainstorming. If you wish to discuss things further. Give me a call or email me.
Simon Papendick
Former hardy marine employee

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Posted by member Ian Lupson on Saturday 2 June 2018

I have just joined the Club, in anticipation of acquiring my first Hardy.
I'm looking for a diesel Pilot 20, which I hope to keep on Milford Haven .
Since I'll be staying on the boat for a couple of nights at a time I'm wondering about whether it will be possible to make one or two additions to the standard spec with an eye to greater comfort.
I have in mind (i) shore power (ii) a calorifier / water heater (iii) warm air heating.
If anybody has any experience of making such additions which he / she could share I'd be very grateful.

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