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Posted by member Mr Ashley Brown on Thursday 13 January 2022

I recently purchased a Pilot 20SE and had some work done before safety certificate examination - diesel heater, shore power and electrical sockets. BSS examination was concentrated on LPG pipe work, fuel lines, that electrical system had an RCD fitted and then carbon monoxide alarms / fire extinguishers. Battery boxes and covers were a particular focus (I had replaced these) and having them strapped down. I only had one extinguisher and so had to buy another - one above and one below.

As stated previously get a quote in advance as fees are not standard! Good luck

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Posted by member CHRISTOPHER R POTTER on Wednesday 12 January 2022

I believe I was the original owner. I think it’s the same boat. I bought her new in 1998 fitted with a 50hp Honda and a 45l ss tank.
You might be interested to know that Pipedream (all one word) was named after a Betty Davis marlin boat in Pensacola where I spent several year chasing fish all over the gulf!
I have just just purchased a Fishing 20 and renewed my HOC membership.
I think I may have some photos if your interested in the history?

Kind regards
Chris Potter

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Posted by member Terry Asquith on Wednesday 6 October 2021

Thanks Richard and Rob for the all that information. I hope to be able to start the process soon.

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Posted by member Rob on Tuesday 5 October 2021

Which every boat safety examiner you chose, it is best to get one as near to you as possible in case of a re-test. Also, get a quote from the examiner first as well as quotes from other examiners, as there are no set fees. Look through the files on the boat safety website. If you are unsure, you can phone up the head office and speak to the technical team.

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Posted by member Richard Harrison on Friday 1 October 2021

Terry, I’ve just looked up my BSS certificate, which was done here in Bristol. It specifies that the examiner inspected only “the category of checks relevant to the class of vessel” (namely a private vessel) and that these checks related to “petrol fuel and/or system”; “electrical dc power”; “ installed LPG system”; and that the LPG test method was a manometer. It also confirms that the BSS Examination “is a way of verifying that boats meet …. minimum safety standards as regards fire, explosions, pollution and carbon monoxide poisoning”. You can see that it isn’t concerned with any more arcane or technical features than these so shouldn’t be at all daunting if your boat’s systems are in reasonable condition.

If you Google “Boat Safety Scheme inspectors” you’ll find that you can search for inspectors by area, and that there are quite a few for Gloucestershire, and several for Cardiff, together with contact details, so you could call a couple to discuss possible arrangements. Should be quite straightforward but let me know if you have any more questions.

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Posted by member Terry Asquith on Thursday 30 September 2021

Thanks for that Richard it sounds a lot better than I was imagining, health and safety police wise. Can I just ask where you were when the inspection was done? Misty Blue is in Cardiff Marina and the intention is to go up channel to Gloucester to get into the canal system. I would be convenient to be able to moor up there for an inspection but if I need paperwork in hand first I'll have to drag someone to Cardiff.

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Posted by member Richard Harrison on Wednesday 29 September 2021

We recently had to get a BSS certificate for our 1986 Pilot 20 which is pretty much still as per original spec. The inspection was thorough but not particularly demanding. The scheme is mostly concerned with risks from fire and fumes, hence labelling, storage and pipe work for fuel and gas were checked and deemed to be satisfactory. We don’t have shore power but I guess that electrical safety would have been included if we had. The only additional requirements were fitting a new, larger fire extinguisher and a carbon monoxide alarm.The inspector came some distance so had travel expenses but I think the cost was only about £150.
It really isn’t a big deal, so don’t let it stop you enjoying your boat.

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Posted by member Terry ASquith on Saturday 25 September 2021

Has anyone actually had an examination for a Safety Certificate? I've read through 80 odd pages of requirements and i'm now wondering just how rigorous the examination is, our 82' Seawings 234 was obviously built to conform to different set of standards which is a concern. Also what does it cost? If its not realistic it might be cheaper to sell up and hire a canal boat as and when requiredsts,

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Posted by member Richard Neale on Wednesday 18 April 2018

Thanks Kenny, will follow that link.

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Posted by member Kenny Clark on Wednesday 18 April 2018

Hi Richard,

I have only sailed Crinan Canal (9mls 14 locks) in Scotland. Short term use, up to a week no conditions really. Canal management do have right to inspect boat, refuse access if vessel deemed unsafe, short handed. There is a charge for using locks etc.

Check out this to site. This may be more relevant for your area for certification using waterways -https://www.boatsafetyscheme.org

Hope this helps.


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Posted by member Richard Neale on Tuesday 17 April 2018

I've recently bought a Pilot 20SE which is berthed at Milford Haven and used in the Haven and on inshore waters. If I wished to do some inland rivers and canals will I need a safety test and certificate? If so are there likely to be any issues I shall have to address?
Richard Neale
Pipe Dream

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