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Posted by member Geoff Burrell on Wednesday 3 October 2018

Hello, anyone had a problem with the large retaining nut that holds the throttle lever in its housing ? Mine is always loose so was thinking of replacing with a nyloc type nut, but maybe others may have an alternative. The engine is an 80HP Mariner

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Posted by member Stephen Izatt on Wednesday 4 April 2018

Thanks very much that's really helpful. I will explore that connection armed with some WD40

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Posted by member Phil ashton on Monday 2 April 2018

* Hi, On some throttle control units there is a small knob to turn to increase or decrease the force needed to operate the throttle lever. Its not as simple as the being wound up too tight is it? Just a thought...
Mine is here (photo) on the rear edge just above the cables.

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Posted by member Sparker on Thursday 22 March 2018

Several areas to look at:

A) On my Mariner 25 there is a small restriction clamp on the flexy control cable. It is visible within 18 inches of its connection to the engine. It is in the form of a three sided clamp and has a locking nut to secure the setting of the clamp. Perhaps the clamp is exerting too much pressure on the cable.

B) By removing the connection to the engine you can check to see if the control cable is then free to move and that the engine levers may be the source of the fault.

C) By removing the fridge you can gain access to view the rear of the engine control mechanism. I found it difficult to reach close enough lubricate the mechanism. A long handled ANGLED BRISTLE PAINT BRUSH RADIATOR OR PIPE PAINTBRUSH 3/4" from eBay allowed me to apply lubricant. Also check that the control cable positioning in its run avoids sharp turns. These cables required slow bends to function correctly.


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Posted by member Stephen Izatt on Tuesday 13 March 2018


The throttle control on our Mariner 25 is quite stiff and so adjustments to revs and speed can require a bit of a thump on the lever as opposed to a smooth adjustment. Any ideas on how to improve the situation would be welcome.


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