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Posted by member Robert Sneddon on Thursday 3 February 2022

Thanks Simon
I’ll give you a call.

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Posted by member Simon Papendick on Monday 31 January 2022

Hi Robert,

I am Simon Papendick, I worked at Hardy Marine during the 1980's and I have my own Boat building business. If you were to remove your Handrails to me I am sure I could make a new set of Handrails for your boat.
If you would wish to call me to discuss your replacement Handrails, you can contact me on my works mobile 07534045729.

Kind Regards

Simon Papendick
J-Star Marine Services

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Posted by member Robert Sneddon on Thursday 27 January 2022

Hi all
Just wondering if anybody had managed to track down any new wooden handrails for the Hardy Family Pilot.
It’s time I was replacing the four of them.
Tried umpteen places but none have the length required. I could end up trying to make them but if anybody was aware of a supplier or manufacturer I would be very grateful.

Kind regards

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Posted by member Nick Askham on Thursday 19 August 2021

Hi Richard
I was wondering if you managed to sand down your hand rails in situ without removing them. If you did it that way, I'd like to know how you protected the cabin roof during the process. For the last two years I've rubbed mine down and used a yacht varnish but it doesn't seem to last. When I did them a couple of months ago, the varnish around the base of the rails seemed to have softened and could be scraped off. I assumed that perhaps the wood had moisture in it. Using an oil thay soaks in seems a good idea but I wasn't sure about then covering with a varnish though according to the Woodskin website that product "breathes".
Any help or advice you have would be appreciated.
Regards, Nick.

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Posted by member Richard Neale on Friday 6 August 2021

My hand rails were dreadful but I sanded back to good wood with course sand paper and then finer.
I used Tung Oil to nourish the wood and then sealed it with multi coats of Woodskin. I've been very happy with the results.

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Posted by member Caroline Munro on Sunday 18 April 2021

Update. I found the varnish too slippery so we went with teak oil.

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Posted by member Caroline Munro on Friday 26 March 2021

Advice please,

We have scraped and sanded ours down and filled in places, wondering if we should oil or varnish?
We have bought epigenetic varnish for other areas

Caroline and Lorraine

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Posted by member steve Hogwood on Sunday 13 January 2019

Hi Mark, I have replaced the wooden grab rails with s/s a little bit dearer but more susbstantial. But be aware that the spaces between the fixing bolts are all different so to avoid drilling more holes remove the wood ones and accurately measure distances between the holes before you get the rails made up.


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Posted by member Andy Matthews on Saturday 5 January 2019

Seeking to replace top wheelhouse hardwood grab rails on my Hardy 21 ms which have 2 loops and are 108cm long. Although most chandleries seem to stock this length they are the 4 loop variety not the 2 loop! Any suggestions of a 2 loop stockist(108cm length). Otherwise drill more holes I suppose...!

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Posted by member Kenny Clark on Monday 13 March 2017

* Mark, You can purchase teak grabrails. Coat from £10 - £24. See photo from Solent Marine. All good chandlers sell them. I have stripped, sanded back to original teak colour and sealed my old rails every two seasons. It is pretty straightforward once you get into it. Prefer this option rather than remove linings to refit new rails. Good luck. Kenny

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Posted by member robert sneddon on Thursday 9 March 2017

Hi Mark. There is usually a good selection of rail and handles both online and in the local chandlers. Hardy themselves will probably be able to supply some although they might be a bit more pricey. You will need to remove the headlining to get access to the screws.. Ideal if you get rails the same style to pick up the same holes. Good luck Robert.

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Posted by member mark on Thursday 9 March 2017

My Navigator has Hardwood handrails on the cabin roof and the cockpit roof, as well as down the sides of the wheelhouse. These are looking very tired, and some show signs of splitting. Looking for advice on replacing them with Stainless Steel, or hardwood handles. Any suggestions?

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