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Posted by member Rob on Wednesday 1 July 2020

Hi all.
Just to update you. I undid the nut that holds the steering wheel on. Then tapping the shaft with the hammer and simultaneously pulling on one side of the wheel. After each tap, turning the wheel 90. After about 12 turns, the wheel came off.
I re-greased (again) the steering cable that goes in and out of the hub. Then also greased the worm drive and the shaft. I took the boat out for 2 hours and the squeak has gone.

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Posted by member Richard Stewart on Saturday 27 June 2020

Hi my wheel has slop in it so undid the nut and he presto no bush so just rattling around on the key.
What is the largest wheel we can fit to a family pilot?

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Posted by member Rob on Saturday 27 June 2020

Hello Simon, Keith and Anthony
Thank you for your replies. I will answer them individually.
I will have one more go at greasing the cables that go into the hub, on the cabin side of the bulkhead. I do not think this will work as it sounds like the loud squeaking (when I turn to starboard) is coming from the cockpit side.
To Anthony, the ships steering wheel, does not even have a straight line of 1 mm between the steering wheel and the black plastic bezel cover. I think this is because I do not have the plastic delrin key type steering. My steering hub goes straight on to the wheel. You can just see the notch in the picture.
To Keith. Again, I do not have the plastic delrin key type steering. My steering hub goes straight on to the wheel, as a notch just shows in the picture. There is nothing for me to lever on behind the wheel, as I will just break the black plastic cover. I have done three Teleflex steering systems before for under 50hp outboards. My hub is the Seastar No Feedback Safe-T QC system. It was fitted by me new five years ago. I think the problem maybe with the worm drive, like you say.
To Simon. I have heard a similar suggestion to your which involves one person pulling on the wheel with the nut undone as far as you can, while the other hammers on the nut. As I have not found someone to help me yet, can I do this single-handed, like to hammer on the nut, then pull on the wheel after?
Thanks, again for all your replies.

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Posted by member keith lewcock on Tuesday 16 June 2020

Hi Rob
I have had the traditional wheel off a couple of times and replaced the teleflex steering box.
I have had no problem getting the wheel off using some leverage (big screwdriver) but the plastic hub (Delrin?) with a moulded keyway was cracked. This hub is not designed to transmit force by friction but through the keyway. The temptation is to assume friction is required and tighten it too much resulting in it cracking. However I have continued to use the cracked hub as it is held in place and the keyway works but a replacement would be a good idea. This was on a River Pilot with a 25hp outboard so the torque is limited but the torque with bigger engines increases and the strain on the steering box can be significant particularly when trying to turn the boat. Outboards have a limited turning circle which may result in excess force being applied to the wheel and thus the steering box. Inside the box is a cast aluminium wheel with a female worm drive cast into the rim. This worm drive can wear and may need to be greased or even replaced. Hope this information is appropriate to your situation.

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Posted by member Simon Papendick on Tuesday 16 June 2020

Hi Rob,

The way we used to remove the wheel off the steering boss was to loosen the bolt in the middle of the wheel and with a light tap with a small piece of wood on the loosen nut the wheel would come loose of the centre and then the bolt completely and remove the wheel.


Simon Papendick
Former Hardy Marine employee 1983-1990

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Posted by member Anthony Weald on Monday 15 June 2020

Looks very similar to the wheel on our Mariner Rob. See message 10.
The brass hub comes off. You don't need much clearance for a puller. The bit with the cut out goes behind the wheel.
You can borrow it if you would like to try, still got it somewhere.
Thanks Tony

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Posted by member Rob on Monday 15 June 2020

I have really greased the cable coming out of my "No Feedback Safe-T Helm" after this message. I will try again tomorrow. Maybe it will take some time for the grease to have the desired affect. It sounded like the noise was coming from the cockpit/steering wheel side.

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Posted by member Rob on Sunday 14 June 2020

* Hi
Does anyone know how I can get my steering wheel off. I don't think there is room for a puller. It squeaks badly when turning to starboard. I fitted the wheel about 5 years ago. There is s picture attached.

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Posted by member Hardy Editor on Saturday 9 July 2016

* Ahoy Rob, I met with Tony yesterday and took a photograph of the puller he made in order to remove the wheel of his Mariner. He wanted to show you, but had some problems getting the picture of the item to load on to the Forum. Hopefully if this works, my photograph will be posted here for you, so that you can see what he was trying to explain. All the best, Marie HOC Editor

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Posted by member Simon Kidd on Friday 8 July 2016

Hi Rob, Yes, best wait till you're not going to use the boat for a while! (I've learned the hard (y) way). Indeed, always keep the original - I tend to replace the old spoked wheels with the later stainless rimmed wooden type as used by Hardy now - I like the option of spokes and rim - I keep the old wheel and swap over when selling (recently sold my Navigator and quite heart broken - the new Hardy 25 now has the navs wheel smart rimmed wheel- but the H25 steering has been a trial and a half!! One is not amused today!!).. Ahgh...! Good luck with it and enjoy the weekend on the boat - sadly we're still ashore till a replacement steering cable arrives (another weekend of boating missed).

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Posted by member Robmac on Friday 8 July 2016

Thanks Simon, I'm off out on the boat this weekend, so probably not a good idea to try and change it if there is a risk of needing a new part. It is the original Hardy wheel, so I probably should keep hold of it for when I eventually sell the boat, hopefully a long time in the future! Cheers Rob

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Posted by member Simon Kidd on Monday 4 July 2016

Hi Rob. If you have the original Hardy Wheel by "Stazo", then the wheel is fitted onto a "Delrin" (plastic) hub adapter that is itself pushed onto the taper shaft with Woodruff key of the teleflex steering shaft. The wheel should come off easily - though the delrin adapter may need a gentle "budge". You may find the delrin adaper is broken due to over tightening- this is very common - new ones can be sourced from a number of places including Norfolk Marine (Though if you're fitting a non Stazo wheel, you'll likley not need the adapter). Best Regards Simon

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Posted by member tony on Sunday 3 July 2016

Hopefully this is a photo of puller. Not too bright on technology. Tony

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Posted by member Robmac on Saturday 2 July 2016

Hi Tony, I went over to the boat yesterday, but I had so many things to do and got sidetracked so many times that I never got around to seeing how the wheel would come off. I am away on the boat on Thursday, so I will have another look then and let you know about the puller. I now also know what a Woodruff Key is having googled it following your post. Many thanks Rob

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Posted by member tony on Friday 1 July 2016

Hi Robmac, have you got your wheel off yet? I made a puller to remove the wheel from our Mariner, see earlier posts on rudder indicators. Our wheel was on a taper, with a woodruff key stopping rotation. There was a large (20 odd mm ) nut under the domed centre piece. If you need to borrow the puller or get a photo to see if will do yours please let me know. Tony

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Posted by member Robmac on Thursday 30 June 2016

Thanks Rob, Yes indeed they are cold to the touch and I do go boating in the winter! The one I am looking at has a sort of rubber coating on the rim to avoid this. I saw a similar one fitted to a Hardy Bosun, and it didn't look out of place, quite smart in fact. Thanks again Rob

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Posted by member robert homer on Wednesday 29 June 2016

Hi, I have a Regatta with teleflex steering, this has a standard taper which fits most wheels .The only make that I have come across which may cause you problems is Vetus. Then an adapter is required. Besides looking less traditional the stainless wheel can be very cold to the touch in colder weather. Regards Rob

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Posted by member Robmac on Tuesday 28 June 2016

I have decided to change the steering wheel on my FP from the traditional type to a stainless steel one without the spokes on the rim. This is just a matter of personal preference. However, having not looked into it properly, I have no idea how the wheel is fixed, or whether a replacement will have a standard fitting? I will go over to the boat and try to work it out at the weekend, but in the meantime, any advice would be appreciated.

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