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Posted by member Anthony Weald on Saturday 3 October 2020

Thanks Simon, reference your earlier description of hull shapes and sizes. I must have missed it when first posted.
I have always wondered if the Mariner 25 and 26 have the same hull. Making a new mould for an extra foot seems expensive!

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Posted by member David Smith on Friday 2 October 2020

* This is my 20 motor sailer

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Posted by member Simon Kidd on Monday 22 October 2012

Hi All, just noticed this thread - it's very old now, but Just to clarify this one: The Motor Sailer hulls are totally different to the Motor Cruiser and Fishing boat hulls. The deck mouldings of the 537 and 18MS are the same as the 17PH and Navigator, and the Deck of the MS20 is the same as a Family Pilot, but the hull forms are totally 100% different - there are no shared shapes between the Motor Sailor and Powerboats. The MS's use a round bilge displacement hull, the Motor Cruisers and Fishing boats use a Hard Chine hull form that is essentailly a planing hull - albiet with some Semi Displacemnt features - i.e. the deep, sharp stem. The Hardy Navigator, 17ph and Fishing 18 use the same hull (some 17ph's had a slightly shallower keel though). The Family Pilot, River Pilot and Fishing 20 use the same hull (The f20 with a bigger outboard well - to take twin engines) - plus a couple of different keel depths were used, the Bosun uses a slightly modified version of this hull also - there are a few minor changes to the stern, but as far as I know, it's the same basic hull. The Hardy 25 and Fishing 24 share the same hull - I believe they are both the same length! The Hardy 335S, 337S and the Fishing 33 also share the same hull. The Regatta 2XL, HT and ST and the Seawings 194 and 194 Open all have the same hull (the only big difference here is the 194 open that has a different deck moulding). The Hardy 16 Trailer Sailor, the Fishing 17 and the Seawings 234 are all one off hulls - i.e. used only on those boats. Seawaings 285 and 305 are the same, I believe the other Seawings boats (i.e. 254, 277, 377 etc) are essentially individual hulls. Of the later Hardys, they are all "one offs" i.e. the 26' hull is used on the Mariner only, except the 36, this has come as the flybridge trawler, the aft deck motoryacht and now the Sedan. Frome 1976 till today, and tomorrow, all nice boats and have decent hulls for a wide range of conditions and uses! Thankyou John Hardy and Mark Funnell and Colin Mudie and Andrew Wolstenholme and all involved over the years. Simon.

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Posted by guest Clive Watkins on Wednesday 8 February 2012

As Howard says. However, to clarify, as far as I can see, from looking at a Hardy Navigator 18 and a similar size motor sailer, the hull is basically the same, but the motor sailer has bilge keels added to it. In motor sailer configuration, she will never plane! The word is that they are good 'all weather' boats, from other threads on this forum. The basic hull shape is similar across the range, but I think the 18ft has less beam than the 20/21. I am pleased with my Navigator 18 with a 60hp outboard.

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Posted by guest Howard on Thursday 2 February 2012

No hull with bilge keels will plane.

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Posted by guest Martin Redstall on Monday 16 January 2012

I've discovered the Hardy range. I am confused by comments that the motor-sailer uses the same hull moulding as the fishing boat. Does it? And elsewhere there are comments about how much power does it need to make the hull plane? Well, the one I have seen is a 20ft motorsailer with a long keel and a 9.9hp outboard, and small bilge appendiges. Is this the same hull that will plane withe 75hp? And if I may also ask, there seem to be 18 ft, 20ft and 21ft - are they all the same hull really? Your help would be appreciated.

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