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Posted by member George MacDonald on Wednesday 5 June 2019

Hi Rob, sorry its taken me so long to get back to this. I had a look at my steering on my boat and unfortunately there is no markings on the cable to show length. would you be willing to share the details of the system you bought for yours so i can replace with the same?
Many thanks.

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Posted by member Rob on Friday 10 May 2019

Sorry it was meant to read “Safe-T QC system”. I think the spelling corrector changed it.

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Posted by member Rob on Wednesday 8 May 2019

Hello George
I renewed my steering system on my Navigator, when I had steering failure. I took the advice from Simon Kidd on message 10, on the 3rd December 2014 but used a slightly different one to the one he suggested.
I used the Seastar no-feedback system, similar to the Safe-t gc system. In my case the helm, bezel and the cable were changed. I had to drill a larger hole in the bulkhead. The system involves more space being taken up in the cabin side of the bulkhead.
If you do no have the answer on the cable length by the time I next go to the boat, I can check the cable length, then.

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Posted by member George MacDonald on Monday 6 May 2019

Thanks Simon. I'll nip out and have a look tonight. I've got a fairly large outboard so I'm worried it'll be stressing the steering. That's why im considering changing the helm also.

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Posted by member Simon Papendick on Monday 6 May 2019

Hi George,
I worked for Hardy Marine between 1983 and 1990. The length of the cable is on the outer part of the cable and is on either the engine end of the cable or where it goes into the steering head. It will tell you the length in metres and will have a part number on it as well. Replacement cables can be obtained from Bainbridge Marine. I hope this helps you with a replacement.


Simon Papendick
J-Star Marine Services

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Posted by member George MacDonald on Monday 6 May 2019

Hi guys, with all this talk of steering failure, I'm thinking to renew my steering on my navigator as it has the original style steering with wooden wheel and has a fair bit of play. Does anyone who has already done the job know what length of cable is required?

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Posted by member Keith Lewcock on Thursday 28 February 2019

* I have just replaced the steering hub on my river pilot. The crown wheel, inside the steel case, has a spiral thread on the perimeter which engages with the end of the teleflex cable. (see photo). This wheel is cast aluminium and the spiral thread can wear causing steering slack. My hub is a lightweight version as the engine is only 25hp. Over steering and sudden shocks can cause failure in the steering hub. Heavier engines require a more substantial steering hub and perhaps even hydraulics. The tapered boss inside my original steering wheel is plastic and shows signs of wear. An aluminium boss sounds a good idea. The steering should be driven by the friction between the boss and the tapered shaft not by the keyway. So the wheel and boss needs to be tight to the shaft.
I made a dogs dinner of replacing the hub. It is much easier than it first appears.

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Posted by member David Evans on Wednesday 20 February 2019

Further to my previous message 17/02/19. The steering wheel is, or is similar to a Stazi wheel. These and the spacer are available on line from asapsupplies.com. The good news is that the tapered, key wayed spacer is now manufactured from metal. Probably cast aluminium. The play in the wheel is much reduced. David.

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Posted by member philip ashton on Sunday 17 February 2019

Hi Barry, as mentioned the teleflex is very common. I too have this on my Navigator. A good indicator that replacement is needed is excessive play in the steering. Having said that the amount of play (wear) this system will cope with is quite remarkable. A 'loose measurement' (play) in the steering can get as much as 5-6 inches of movement in the wheel. The faster your boat travels , the more strain you put on the steering as you need to apply more force to turn the engine. Some play is expected in older steering units, but if you have concerns about your own , you should change it.
Hope this helps

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Posted by member DAVID EVANS on Sunday 17 February 2019

"Alice".1996 fishing 20. 8-10 degrees of play in the steering. Having removed the wooden wheel for refurbishment, I find that the plastic/delrin spacer had fractured and been repaired, not very well ! The previous owner assured me that the teleflex cable had been renewed 2 years prior to sale, which now makes it 5 years old. Seems to me that the obvious place to start is by renewing the insert. So can any body please tell me the make of the wheel or where to obtain a new insert. regards David.

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Posted by member Simon Kidd on Friday 5 December 2014

Hi Rob, You should be able to use the existing Bezel, I took mine along to Pacer marine to match it up. They use the standard Taper connection I think. Beware Rob, the steering unit will stick out an extra inch into the cabin - in the end I made a new plywood cover, deeper and larger to cover the steering and all the electrics - then covered it in lining carpet similar to the original. Best Regards Simon.

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Posted by member Rob on Friday 5 December 2014

Hello Simon Thanks for your reply. Will I be able to buy just the Safe-T QC Standard Steering Helm and new matching Teleflex cable and use my existing bezel? Thanks Rob

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Posted by member Simon Kidd on Wednesday 3 December 2014

Hi Rob. I had a lot of trouble with the old basic steering system on the Navigator - it's rated to 55HP I think but really is not great with the torque of the four stroke engines. I replaced the steering with a new system Safe QC system and haven't had any problems except cracking of the Derin insert within the steering wheel -now replaced and sorted. I've noted should slack on the Bosun - a tiny bit of play at the outboard steering connection - will have to replace or bush the connection.

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Posted by member Rob Chalcraft on Wednesday 10 September 2014

Hello I realise most of the posts on this thread are old but will mention it. About a year ago I renew my steering system including the insert behind the wooden wheel, which is a key shaped insert. I also renewed the teleflex cable, the helm and the bezel. I also greased the teleflex cable. I took the boat out yesterday in rough water and everything was fine. When I came back to my mooring there was some wind that forced me to extend my steering to the maximum. I suddenly heard the teleflex steering in the helm not biting and was lucky as I was close to me mooring. I am debating on whether to put in a new teleflex steering designed to take a larger HP engine although theoretically my system was designed to take my engine which is a 50hp four stroke. Admittedly I had not greased my steering recently but this should not make the difference to it falling. Any help would be appreciated, please.

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Posted by member Steve Hook on Sunday 7 November 2010

Hi Roger.....Hardy pilots were recommened for max 75HP so the standard teleflex is ok...However as mentioned in the above comments itams can wear & should be maintained(greased) & checked for wear & tear......Hows the new engine going...are you now up on the Plane....No longer have the Pilot but still watch the forum in case i can help..Steve

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Posted by member Roger Beese on Sunday 7 November 2010

Hi Steve Thanks again for your comments 75 almost up and running idle speed to adjust and an out of balance prop to be replaced this week I hope Hope you are able to find time for your motoring but if you feel like a boat session you know where we are

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Posted by member Roger Beese on Tuesday 2 November 2010

I have just changed from Honda 5ohp to Honda 75hp on my 1994Hardy Pilot What are the the relative details to be observed regarding the teleflex steering are there part numbers to be checked is the steering system fitted by Hardy suitable for 75hp or is it a max 53hp system Domonic may have experience of this I would value his comments

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Posted by guest Brian Le Cornu on Sunday 28 December 2008

Hi to Barry Parker, Andy Mcmullen, and Dominic & Nicola Gribben Only just come across your respective comments from Jan 2008 regarding steering problems. My observations may nevertheless be of some interest to others. I have had a Family Pilot since 1993 and suffered steerage failure a few years back with the original Morse/teleflex type cable. This again was at least partly due to 'human error' in that it occurred whilst beaching. Having ascertained from the chart a suitable sandy cove in which to carry out this manoeuvre, the skeg on the bottom of my 90hp Evinrude made fairly forceful contact, while engaging the power trim, with a large boulder, the only one on that beach, it later transpired! This caused one of the cables to snap, and totally lose all steering, although the engine itself remained fully operational. Lessons learnt: (1) Absolutely no substitution to studying a proposed beach landing at LOW TIDE before putting into practice. (2) Subsequent cable replacement showed that over the years there had been some corrosion of the inner core, despite there having been a yearly inspection by marine engineers (over 14 years) whilst serving the power unit. Best Wishes to All Brian

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Posted by member Dominic And Nicola Gribbin on Monday 21 January 2008

Hi Andy and Barry Note of caution. There is one notable potential failure point on the teleflex/morse system and its the helm end itself. This is notable in the wooden wheels/helms that were attached to Navigators and Pilots as standard. We had a failure of our steeering many moons ago, thankfully whilst berthing. Basically, the plastic insert behind the wooden wheel of the helm and failed. Generally being made of nylon plastic it is a key-shaped insert that effectively locks the helm's planar movement to the vertical axis of the teleflex cable end. So in short, check it yearly at least. Take the wheel off and dismantle back to the cable end protruding through the bulkhead, checking particularly for fractures or stess wear in the plastic insert. Maybe we were unlucky but when you dismantle the wheel unit you will see this little piece of plastic gets a lot of use and everything literally hinges on it! Best wishes Dominic and Nicola.

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Posted by guest Barry Parker on Monday 21 January 2008

Thank you fellow members for that information ,Lady Alice is coming out of the water tomorrow so i will check the steering wheel end as recommended as i have a wooden wheel. Barry

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Posted by guest Andy Mcmullan on Sunday 20 January 2008

Barry It is likely that both these steering systems are the teleflex cable style. A simple but reliable steering method. I had a steering failure a few years back but it was only because the steering was forced further than it would go. It was human error. The person I was with didn't realise the outboard was hard over and lent on the wheel the 'wrong' way. The plastic housing behind the wheel gave way. The cable itself was fine, even though it was 15 years old. Personally, I am not concerned about the cable steering set up. A visual check is always a good idea. The teleflex cables get stiff over time but are very reliable. There may be scope to lube the cable inner but I doubt it. You can certainly keep the open end at the outboard greased. The connection of the cable to the outboard is by nut and bolt so should be strong. It is worth checking here also. The other type of steering system is hydraulic. Much less common on small boats but also very reliable if looked after. These are good with larger power outboards as they will be less prone to 'feedback' from the motor. A lot more expensive too. I have been reading boat magazines for years and can't recall any failures. Im glad you brought this up as I have just upgraded to a Pilot. I will give the cable steering a once over. Cheers Andy

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Posted by guest Barry Parker on Saturday 19 January 2008

We have a 1993 navigator and would like to know if any members have had steering failure with these boats ,why i am asking this is that the 18ft boat next to me (not a hardy i might add)had total failure with his steering which is similer system to ours which made me think ,as failure at 16to 18 knots does not bear thinking about .I wondered if the wear can be checked or is it a sealed system.I would appreciate any feedback on this subject. Barry

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