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The Merchant Navy Association Boat Club

Commodore: Clive Edwards, 19 Horsford Street, Weymouth, Dorset DT4 8UH

Tel 01305 781725, email commodore@seafarersafloat.uk

 Merchant Navy Association (MNA) Boat Club  become RNLI Ambassadors to promote the RNLI’s Respect the Water Campaign on the UK’s inland waterways

On behalf of the MNA Boat Club I’m delighted to announce the publication of the attached leaflet outlining the partnership  between the MNA Boat Club and the Royal National Lifeboat Institution (RNLI).to promote the RNLI’s “Respect the Water” campaign to reduce the number of drownings around the coast and especially on our inland waterways.

  I am delighted that the hugely respected RNLI has recognised the experience, skill and knowledge of MNA members by choosing to work with the MNA Boat Club.  The RNLI has now extended the opportunity to all members of the MNA with an invitation for them to play a part as “Ambassadors”  in promoting the RNLI’s “Respect the Water” campaign aimed at significantly reducing the 150 plus fatalities each year as a result of drowning.

“I am delighted to be working alongside the MNA with this initiative. We have a variety of ways of promoting our safety messages, but nothing beats a face to face conversation with a knowledgeable person. MNA members acting as RNLI Volunteer Ambassadors will be able to pass on their experience and knowledge to others in order to save more lives around our coasts and waterways.” Steve Instance, RNLI Community Safety Partner.

 For further information please contact:

Katie Beney, RNLI National Community Safety Partner, Email Katie_beney@rnli.org.uk or Clive Edwards, MNA Boat Club Commodore Email  clivecgedwards@gmail.com




 MNA Volunteer Ambassador for the RNLI

Why the MNA is supporting the RNLI?

The RNLI’s mission is to reduce accidental drowning by 50% by 2024; around 150 lives are still lost at the coast every year. Through a combination of communication, products and face-to-face interaction, the RNLI’s Community Safety Team is driving behavioural change in and around the water. These interventions are delivered at a local level by some 500 Community Safety Volunteers across the UK and Ireland.

Most of these volunteers are based in coastal communities, close to RNLI lifeboat stations and lifeguarded beaches.

However, two in three accidental drowning fatalities take place at inland waterways. 

The RNLI is collaborating with the MNA to reach these inland communities and coastal areas where they currently don’t have representation and/ or require additional support. 

Working in conjunction with the MNA’s Boat Club members and SeaVue Surveillance Scheme will enable the RNLI to reach wider audiences with safety messaging and signpost water users to additional resources and support available. In doing so, the MNA will play a valuable role in helping the RNLI reduce accidental drownings by 2024. #PreventingDrowningTogether


The role

The RNLI is asking MNA Volunteer Ambassadors to promote safe practice on inland waterways and around the coast by communicating guidance to boat owners, watersports enthusiasts, marina operators, boat-hire companies, waterside pubs/ restaurants and walkers. Using your maritime skills, knowledge and experience, you will be essential ambassadors for the RNLI’s safety messaging and Respect the Water campaign. This could be through passing conversation with fellow water users, discussing the latest means of calling for help and encouraging lifejacket use to distributing leaflets and posters to operators and venues.

Prior to getting out and about, the RNLI will discuss your locality with you to ensure there is no crossover with other volunteer networks.

Please note: there is no requirement to deliver safety presentations; should an individual/ organisation require further advice, an RNLI Community Safety Volunteer will be available to deliver Advice Onboard sessions, Lifejacket Clinics etc. See THE RNLIWHAT WE CAN DO FOR YOU.


Time commitment       

As much or as little as you can offer


RNLI Respect the Water campaign

Respect the Water (RTW) is the RNLI’s national drowning prevention campaign. RTW is aimed at promoting safety advice to all who visit the coast and inland waterways, from walkers to commercial fishermen. RTW aims to show those most at risk the potential dangers of water, to encourage them to reconsider their actions, and adopt safer behaviour. Since 2017, it has focused on asking the public to fight their instincts and remember two memorable skills:


▪         floating which could save lives from drowning;
▪         and to call 999 or 112 and ask for the Coastguard.

The 2019 campaign will launch on 30 May and run through to the end of August with radio, cinema and print advertising and social media content with partners such as LADbible.


Support and resources available

On agreeing to be an MNA Volunteer Ambassador you will receive a pack with further guidance, key safety messages and printed materials (leaflets and posters) to distribute in your agreed areas. You will also be sent a tally sheet to record conversations/ interventions to enable the RNLI to monitor reach and impact. Additional resources can be requested at any time. 

The links below provide additional information and downloadable resources.

▪  www.respectthewater.com: public facing campaign website with practical advice on how to float with stories of survivors who have followed the advice

▪  www.rnli.org/rtwresources: here you will find all the resources you need to support the national RTW campaign and advice on key ‘at risk’ activities (angling, boating, walking, kayaking, scuba diving, commercial fishing and walking) plus ‘How To’ videos on fitting, checking and maintaining your life jacket. Please do not share this link externally.

▪  www.rnli.org/safety: essential safety advice so you can make the most of your time on the water

▪  www.rnli.org/safety/what-we-can-do-for-you: additional safety advice provided by RNLI Community Safety



MNA contact

For further information on the MNA Boat Club and its collaboration with the RNLI, please contact Clive Edwards: E: clivecgedwards@gmail.com 


RNLI contact

If you are interested in becoming an MNA Volunteer Ambassador, please contact Katie Beney, National Community Safety Partner in the first instance:

E: katie_beney@rnli.org.uk 

If you are based near a RNLI Lifeboat Station, Katie will put you in touch with the relevant contact at the station. If not, she will remain your point of contact and be able to provide assistance and resources to support your role. Should you be interested in becoming a RNLI Community Safety Volunteer, working alongside your local RNLI Lifeboat Station, Katie will be able to make the relevant introductions. 



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